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It's Always Tea Time 

Savor the journey 

with quality coffee.

We are so glad you are here! At Sojos we want to give you a fresh and tasteful experience with your coffee. Every single order is roasted fresh and in small batches to ensure quality in every cup. We have been roasting coffee since 2017 and think that the taste of freshly-roasted coffee is pretty hard to beat. 

We offer high-quality coffee beans shipped to you whole or ground. 


Did you know we have a monthly coffee subscription? You can choose the blend you want, then choose a subscription length at checkout. We'll ship fresh coffee to your door every month!  

With every order we donate to a non-profit organization that helps refugees..

At Sojos, we are dedicated to producing quality coffee. Our mission is to give you the experience of a quality cup of coffee within your own home. 

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